UpTime Meter

UpTime Meter 3.4.3

Plug-in for 'Today' which shows your device's up time

UpTime Meter plugin is a "real uptime" tracking utility for PocketPC / PocketPC 2002 / Windows Mobile 2003/ WM2003SE.

The features of this utility are:

  • automatic reset timer after battery is full charged (optional);
  • saving current timer value on PocketPC soft reset. This feature may be switched off if you want to track uptime between soft resets;
  • tracking uptime for each used application;
  • tracking battery discharge history;
  • forecasting reminded uptime based on discharge history;
  • you may create text report for future review/analysis.

Especially handy for developers and testers, this application provides useful information about how long your PPC device has been working.

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UpTime Meter


UpTime Meter 3.4.3

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